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C-Level Business Associations

Asia America Multi-Technology Association (AAMA)

AAMA is Silicon Valley’s most established trade organization dedicated to the Asia American high-tech community. Our 9-year partnership with AAMA dates back to 2004 and includes cross-promotional agreements, joint events, conference sponsorships, and more.

AAMA and ORIENTED attract overlapping audiences while offering complementary services. The above video was filmed at an AAMA conference in which ORIENTED was a participating sponsor. A number of ORIENTED members in attendance from other countries stopped by our booth.

Asia Society of Northern California (ASNC)

Asia Society promotes a greater understanding between Asia and the U.S. across the fields of arts, business, culture, education, and policy. We have enjoyed a multi-year partnership with ASNC including cross-marketing, co-sponsored events, and a joint networking event.


Asian Real Estate Association of America

AREAA is the largest industry association in the U.S. promoting the interests of the Asian real estate market. We had a very successful joint mixer at Madrone Mission Bay across from AT&T Park in San Francisco, following a similar activity in Beijing's CBD in which a number of ORIENTED members purchased units as a direct result of our Happy Hour.


Global Mobile Internet Conference - GMIC Beijing

GMIC is Asia’s largest mobile industry event, attracting CEOs of leading Internet companies and more than 10,000 attendees. Our partnership included cross-promotional print and web marketing, events marketing at our China events, and conference ticket giveaways.



Though now defunct, IandIAsia organized some of the most active tech gatherings in Greater China (1997-2008) at a time when the Internet was still in its infancy stages. With chapters in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, the multiple joint events and cross promotional partnerships with ORIENTED highlight our decade-long presence in the region.


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Our reputation as a well-respected organization opens doors for partnerships with various chambers of commerce in Asia. Two examples below:

American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

AmCham Taipei was a co-host of an ORIENTED Happy Hour, enabling AmCham staff to promote the Chamber's services, membership benefits, and upcoming events. Free copies of their TOPICS Magazine were distributed. Also in attendance were out-of-town business travelers who not only got to network with local movers and shakers, but also learned about AmCham and met some of their members.

"... Most of our members that I talked to last night like this idea of joining events, so that they will not see the "old" faces" all the time... [we] spent lots of time explaining what AmCham was about... it's good publicity for the Chamber to all these future leaders..."

- Stella Huang, Director of Programs

Joint Chambers of Commerce in Beijing

Though ORIENTED itself isn't a trade organization, we were invited to participate in the "JOINT-CHAMS Grand Networking Night" - an annual gathering with all of the chambers of commerce in Beijing.


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The ORIENTED Dialogue & Exchange (2004-2006) was a series of high-level seminars held in Shanghai that gave ORIENTED members the opportunity to hear directly from industry experts and senior executives about the hottest market trends affecting them.

Examples of speaker participation:

  • Tom Gorman - Chairman of FORTUNE China Magazine
  • Carter Agar - Country Manager of Walt Disney Internet Group
  • Ralph Grippo - General Manager of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai
... and more.


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