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Our organizers and management team work hard to provide high quality networking opportunities for our members, worldwide!

If you have benefited in any way from their collective efforts, they would really like to know! Please share your story with us, and we'll share it with others.

Suggested Questions for Member Testimonials

  1. How and when did you first hear about ORIENTED?
  2. How many Happy Hours have you attended, and in which cities?
  3. Why do you like them so much?
    • What do you get out of them, how have you benefited from them?
  4. What is your background and career path, and how does ORIENTED help you in that regard?
  5. Have you made any professional connections through ORIENTED?
    • If yes, please explain. Personal anecdotes are most powerful.
  6. Have you made any personal connections through ORIENTED?
    • If yes, please explain. Personal anecdotes are most powerful.
  7. How is it different from other networking groups? What makes it unique?
  8. Anything else you'd like to add?

Additional Questions for Organizer Testimonials

In addition to the questions above:

  1. When did you become an organizer - in which city or cities?
  2. How long were you an organizer - from when to when?
  3. What motivated you to become an organizer, initially?
  4. Why did you stay for as long as you did? What were all the reasons?
On average, qualified organizers stay with us for four years and remain loyal to the organization even after they move on. People constantly ask us why this is so. We, too, would like to know!

Is it the connections you make or the media exposure that helped to elevate your profile? Is it because our infrastructure makes the planning process easier, or that you enjoy the challenge of building the ORIENTED community in your city? Working with the other organizers? Whatever you can say to help explain this unique and yet consistent phenomenon - from city to city - would be terrific.

Instructions - How To Submit

  • Use this online form or email it directly to the Founder.
  • Include your full name, job title, and company.
  • Attach a recent photo of yourself - photos help a lot!
  • Update your online profile if you haven't done so in the last year.
Thanks so much for your help!