Community Service

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How can we see eye to eye, if we aren't face to face?

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Our Commitment

Check out this Taipei Times article about our long- standing commitment to the greater community.

Instead of holding conferences, seminars, and other events that many organizations are already doing, we use our global platform to help promote their activities, and to inform our members of other events that may be of interest to them.

It's our way of giving back to the greater community, and promoting partnerships is what we do.

Community Service

In addition to bringing global citizens together through our simultaneously-held, worldwide Happy Hours, ORIENTED also serves as an information clearinghouse for community organizations to promote their upcoming events.

The more options we can offer to our viewers, the better!

Community Events Calendar

To view the calendar, click here. To post an event, click here. Non-profit organizations are exempt from all posting fees.

Email Newsletters

Events that are posted online may also included in our email newsletters to help raise awareness of the activities. Sign up now to be notified of what's happening in your area.

Raffle Giveaways

Give away free event tickets at an ORIENTED Happy Hour to promote your upcoming activities. For more details, click here.

Community Outreach Program

Non-profit organizations are invited to co-host an upcoming ORIENTED Happy Hour to help raise awareness of their events and services (see example). For more details, click here.