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Sunday, April 20
Carnatic Vocal Concert with Ananya Ashok Sangati Center SF Bay Area

Thursday, April 24
ORIENTED Happy Hour in Shanghai! ORIENTED.COM Shanghai
ORIENTED Happy Hour in Taipei! ORIENTED.COM Taipei

Friday, April 25
23rd Annual Conference Committee of 100 SF Bay Area

Saturday, April 26
Startup Success Boot Camp (IV) - Tax China America Innovation Network (CHAIN) SF Bay Area

Sunday, April 27
Sarode + Tabla Concert with Mallar Bhattacharya and Ravi Albright Sangati Center SF Bay Area

Wednesday, April 30
Society Women’s Group Spring Lunch Hong Kong Association and Society London

Friday, May 02
Ustad Shujaat Khan & Special Guests California Institute of Integral Studies, Public Programs & Performances SF Bay Area

Saturday, May 03
New Carnatic Music - Live at the Emerald Tablet Emerald Tablet SF Bay Area

Monday, May 12
11th Annual Dinner Asia Society of Northern California SF Bay Area
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