ORIENTED Happy Hours

ORIENTED Happy Hours

The ORIENTED Happy Hours are offline networking events designed for international professionals with deep ties in Asia who a) speak at least two languages fluently, b) travel frequently across the Pacific, and c) can navigate between Asian and Western cultures with ease.

They understand on an innate level how guanxi works, and they know that ORIENTED attracts like-minded global citizens.

Why They Attend

Key facts about the role of guanxi in the Asian business culture:

  1. It must be done face-to-face.
  2. It is extremely difficult to attain.
  3. You can't get anything done without it.
  4. It takes a very long time to build - and patience.
  5. It often takes place after work in casual, social settings.
The ORIENTED Happy Hours address all of these factors to a tee while enabling our members to get together on a regular basis amidst demanding jobs and hectic travel schedules.

We love it, and so do they.

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The highly-acclaimed ORIENTED Happy Hours are the most recognized business networking events in this space. More than 1,000 Happy Hours have been held in 19 cities since 2002.

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ORIENTED Happy Hours

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ORIENTED Happy Hours

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