"... you don't see any other organization (like ORIENTED) ... It's tailored to that specific group of people who are very globally oriented. Today the world is a global community, and I consider myself a global citizen."

- Excelle Liu


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Founded in Greater China in 2002, ORIENTED is a global network of international professionals interested in Asian business and partnerships. (Learn more)

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UKChinaExpo 2014
Host: UKChinaExpo Group

The UKChinaExpo group is a collaboration between a successful UK-based Chinese investor and representatives from UK business and media. The collaboration combines experience from both the private and public sectors and offers the opportunity to connect with a larg...

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Founder's Corner

Newcomers can't help but smile when they hear us fondly say that "we help people get oriented to the Orient!" After all these years, we still get a kick out of it, too!

The Year of the Horse brings strength, harmony, and achievement, and so it is that we wish you all the best as we gallop forward into 2014.

Christine Hsu

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