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Radio Interview with ORIENTED Representatives
Chinamerica Hit Radio in New York

Mike Hsu (VP of Global Operations at Boumatic), Felicia Lin (author of See Man Date See Woman Run), and Karl Chong (CEO of Groupon Singapore) were featured on Chinamerica Hit Radio!

Hosted by Executive Producer Steve Warren, the interviews provide an exclusive inside look at the foundings of ORIENTED and the impact it has made on the global community.

Emily Wong & Anthony Tsang
Shanghai / Hong Kong / Bay Area connections

Emily is the Founder and Creative Director of Wizard Design and Communications in Shanghai. She is originally from Hong Kong, studied in the UK, has been working in Shanghai for many years in the digital marketing space, and was visiting the Bay Area. Her friend Anthony brought her to the ORIENTED Happy Hour.

He said, "Since Emily is visiting and I know there's another chapter of ORIENTED in Shanghai, I wanted to introduce it to her."

Emily added, "I'm very glad I came. It's a very, very good event. You guys are excellent, a lot of enthusiasm... As I said to some of the people (at the event), in Shanghai or in Hong Kong, all these events are very targeted. You have target industries like IT or HR... it's quite rare where everyone from the area will come. It's fun."

Frank Scappaticci
Associate Group Medical Director, Genentech

"I've been attending this group since 2005 and have found the events to be an enjoyable networking opportunity with a diverse group of professionals. The events are fun and provide an opportunity for meeting people with all types of professional backgrounds... I have found the people to be of high caliber, ambitious, and professional. I recommend coming out to an event. It will be a great way to connect and I predict you'll come out again to future events!"

Excelle Liu
Technology Executive, Silicon Valley

Watch the video for the full interview:

"I am originally from China and I'm in technology - from high tech, software, hardware, to anti-aging. I first heard about ORIENTED in the early 2000's when it first started in the Bay Area, and I was fascinated by the idea. The international community is something that I've always been a part of, and you don't see any other organizations (like ORIENTED)... I think the concept is absolutely fantastic. It's very much needed. It's tailored to that specific group of people who are very globally oriented. Today the world is a global community, and I consider myself a global citizen.

I graduated from international business school of Thunderbird. We have networks all over the world, and I saw ORIENTED networks in similar cities. If I go to any other city, I would look up those two events - ORIENTED and my Thunderbird events - and that's how I would blend myself into the community. I think it's just awesome."

Dan Nystedt
Vice President and Head of Research, TriOrient Investments

"I heard about ORIENTED through a friend, who had introduced me to a founder of the original Oriented.org, Gus Adapon. I was looking for some local Internet start-ups to interview for the newspaper I wrote for at the time, The Taipei Times. That was a long time ago, maybe 2002. Over the years I've attended dozens of ORIENTED Happy Hours in Taipei.

I was a journalist until just a few months ago, when I was offered a job at an investment company. I've met a lot of interesting people and done a lot of good networking at ORIENTED events. I speak English, Mandarin Chinese and some Taiwanese, and I've met several lawyers, engineers, analysts and other people that I contacted professionally as a journalist. ORIENTED events were great for meeting experts that could be available to offer analysis in stories.

The people who attend ORIENTED events are all professionals interested in or working in Asia. It's much more focused than other networking groups I've attended. What I've liked most about ORIENTED is watching it grow after being there at the beginning, when Gus and Christine spilled their plans for the future during a newspaper interview."

Jasemin Ho
Talent Corp Malaysia

"ORIENTED played a big part in connecting me with like-minded global citizens when I was living and working in Sydney and Singapore. Going to a regular networking session at the end of each month was something which I really looked forward to, especially after a month of hard work! I met many interesting professionals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and their own tales of how each of them ended up in a foreign country. In a way, these mixers quickly grounded me on the local scene as I became familiarized with a home away from home.

The beauty of ORIENTED is that I've not only formed lasting friendships that have transcended borders, the people that I have met have certainly enriched my life in a professional and personal front as well. I also know of a couple who met at one of the ORIENTED Happy Hour events and eventually got married!

I would strongly recommended every global citizen to check out the local ORIENTED events in their city. I would like to term it as a modern day 'Cheers' gathering place, where it is quite possible for everybody to know your name (if not your face). Until then, I will just have to patiently wait until ORIENTED sets up camp in Kuala Lumpur."

Anonymous in Shanghai

"You'd be interested to hear that I met someone recently who told me that he met his best friend at his first ORIENTED Happy Hour, and that they just went back to the one last month in Shanghai to celebrate their 'one year anniversary.' Hahaha!"

Karl Chong
CEO, Groupon Singapore

My first experience was in Sydney. What struck me as being unique about ORIENTED is it had that Asian spin to it. As a new grad in Australia, I really wanted to one day move to Asia to set up my career there. So I thought great, I get to meet other people in my field, get to network, as well as maybe pick up leads on what it would be like to work in Asia. When I moved to New York, ORIENTED gave me an avenue to meet... a new network of friends who would later become business partners in some respects. I've also attended ORIENTED in Singapore.

When you attend, say, a New York ORIENTED event, you will likely meet people from the Shanghai ORIENTED or Singapore ORIENTED... this is a great way for us to to meet new contacts and explore the opportunities outside of America. ORIENTED for me has helped guide me towards the right networks, which in turn have helped me set up businesses in Asia especially. If you're like me and you're interested to meet savvy business people, entrepreneurs, working professionals, investment bankers, to marketing people, the whole spectrum is there and it's just amazing the quality of people who attend these events."

Joey Jean
Registered Representative, self employed

"The first time I heard about ORIENTED was back in 2001-2002 from acquaintances in Taipei, and I've attended about half a dozen ORIENTED events in the San Francisco area. I made a career change from engineering to finance back in 2005, and I come to ORIENTED to network and connect people to contacts that I have in Taiwan and China.

"ORIENTED sets itself apart from most other networking events by consistently having the same day to meet whereas others are irregular, i.e. you know if the event will fit into your schedule. The breadth of professionals that you meet, in terms of experience and across industries, at ORIENTED really exposes you to so many different outlooks."

David Chuang
Global Account Manager, Panasonic Factory Solutions

David Chuang handled one of Panasonic's largest accounts in the world. He traveled to Asia every 2-3 weeks from the Bay Area and was constantly on the run.

"I've been to too many Happy Hours to remember and too many places... I've been to the ORIENTED in Tokyo, in Taipei, and in Shanghai - of course more than one time - as well as the Bay Area and even the one in Los Angeles.

Actually ORIENTED now for me since I've been to so many, it's a really good chance to meet all your friends at one time in one location since you know I'm very busy and don't have time to meet them individually, so ORIENTED is a very good opportunity to meet all of them at one time."

Sue Tsai, Kirin Tuei, and Lilly Huang

In this video, Sue Tsai, Kirin Tsuei, and Lilly Huang talk about how they got involved with ORIENTED, what it's all about, and what they get out of it.

Lilly stated, "I really like the entrepreneur spirit of the organization. ORIENTED bridges the East and the West and in a social environment. I love it!"

Mick Johnson also makes a cameo appearance.

Hainan X.
ORIENTED Singapore Member

"Well done Christina! The event was very well organized with a diversity of people from all backgrounds. Nice location too. It was my first time to attend this kind of networking event, and I was amazed how many people turned up and how friendly everyone was. This event is intended for everyone - no matter you are looking for business opportunities, for new challenges/new jobs, or simply want to increase your circle of friends. Can't wait until next meeting."

Mick Johnson
Director of Marketing, Sensory Networks

Check out this interview with Mick Johnson, Director of Marketing for Sensory Networks in California. He is interested in business in Asia having spent some time there and wants to network with others who share similar interests.

Originally from Australia, Mick regularly attended the ORIENTED Happy Hours in Sydney before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area where he connected immediately with ORIENTED members there. He speaks fluent Japanese and has also attended the ORIENTED Happy Hours in Beijing while there on business.

David Pan
CEO, Angelex Technologies

"I have been going to the ORIENTED events in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last few months. I am very impressed with the venues, the planning and the friendly staff. I had great opportunities in meeting people from all walks of life and certainly enjoyed the casual atmosphere of networking. I highly recommend ORIENTED to young professionals that are looking to meet new friends."

Ben Wang, Ph.D.
Lead Clustering & JBossCache-Aop, JBoss Inc.

"I went to the ORIENTED July Happy Hour in Palo Alto for the first time after I've heard about it for couple months. I really had a great time there!

First of all, the atmosphere was casual yet dynamic. I feel that it had a right mix of professional and social networking. Secondly, you meet people from all walks of life. They were friendly to share their background and thoughts as well. And next thing you knew, time was running out quickly!"

Steven Flynn
Tarantula Communications

"... ORIENTED has surpassed itself this month with the hosting of a panel discussion on the China Media Market. In addition to a panel made up of well choosen industry insiders, the stylish and ultra modern offices of Haworth Inc. lent a classy and relaxed atmosphere to the event. The excellent mix of professionals, students and media affectionados meant that the discussions lasted well into the night. Well done to the ORIENTED team and let's keep doing them!"

Dai-Kyu Kim
CEO of Zapr.com

Dai-Kyu Kim is the CEO of Zapr.com, an application which lets you create links to any files on your PC which you can then send to friends via email or IM.

"I don't remember (how I first heard about ORIENTED), but I've been to ORIENTED events in several cities - Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. I met lots of fun people and had a great time."

Ted Lee, Managing Partner
Global Client Services, Assurance & Advisory Services
World's Big Four Professional Services firms

"I enjoyed attending your (Shanghai) events as I find the discussions were down to earth and practical."

Rob Metcalf
Rouse & Co. - Intellectual Property Specialists, Shanghai

"Well done and thank you on the event last night! I thought the format worked very well and I will be encouraging others to attend in the future. I particularly liked the mix of panelists and their different perspectives..."

Paul Foo, MBA Candidate
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

"Hi Jim and Lauren, (I) had a very informative evening and the quality and the format of the discussion certainly exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to more such events. If there's anything CEIBS can do to assist, don't hesitate to ask."

Michael K.Kato

"Japan is now, perhaps, for the first time ever, entering a period of time when a mutually beneficial and fair relationship with our Asian neighbors is essential to the success of the country and the region. In particular, Japan's relationship with China must improve, not only from a political perspective, but through personal relationships, communication, and friendships. In addition, the rest of the world, too, is looking first to China, second to India, and then to Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and other Asian nations and sees a vast region emerging from a century of war, chaos, and conflict with a capitalist fire and set to conquer the world. ORIENTED is a perfect venue to meet other people working in Asia who are trying to make the HAPPY HOUR last the whole 21st Century and beyond!"

Alan C. from San Francisco

ORIENTED Founder Christine Hsu was attending a partner event in the Bay Area - picnic! - when she met a former member of ORIENTED. Alan was in Hong Kong and Singapore for 17 years as a securities executive before moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area. They have a rather interesting conversation...

Brooke Kunpalin

"As a fresh college graduate new to the business world, ORIENTED.COM gave me an opportunity to meet some really interesting people from around the world. I learned about people's various backgrounds and the career paths they have chosen, and all this has helped me to focus my own sights on which career I would like to pursue. At my first happy hour event in San Francisco, I even met the founder, Christine Hsu, which really shows that you never know who you'll meet at an ORIENTED event - and that's what makes ORIENTED such a great concept."

ORIENTED Organizer Testimonials

We also have numerous testimonials from past and present ORIENTED organizers who share their thoughts on why they got involved with the organization. To view, click here.

On average, our organizers stay active with ORIENTED for four years, even though we only ask for a one-year commitment. It's a testament to the degree of loyalty that our members and organizers have towards the organization.

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