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Thank you for your interest in becoming an ORIENTED organizer. We actively welcome applications even if no openings are currently available. Applications are kept on file in anticipation of healthy turnover.

STEP 1: Verify Your Qualifications

Applicants must be meet at least 4 of these qualifications and complete the following steps before submitting their applications:

  1. Become a member, complete your member profile in detail so that we may know more about you, include a clear photo (see example), and know where to locate your Member ID (5-digit number). You will need it later.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Enter your bio in the "profile description" field - min. 100 words (~ 5-6 sentences). If your application is approved and you pass probation, we will use this content to formally introduce you to our members on our website and in a newsletter announcement).

  2. Subscribe to our mailing lists to receive our email newsletters.

  3. Register for a ORIENTED event to understand our in-house RSVP system. If you live in a city where we have events, attend a few from beginning to end. You will be asked to talk about it in your application.

  4. Like us on Facebook and join us on LinkedIn. You will be expected to use social media to help promote our activities. All organizers are required to have a Facebook account and a LinkedIn profile, no exceptions.
STEP 2: Get yourself ORIENTED
  1. Read through each section in the left column and understand our expectations. Please do not ask questions that have already been addressed in these materials.

  2. Be clear on the particular audience that we serve - by percentage breakdown - and what we're trying to accomplish.

  3. Listen to this radio interview which provides an inside look at what we do and how we are structured.

  4. Read these news articles - 1, 2, and 3.

  5. Read our member testimonials and our organizer testimonials. Watch all the related YouTube videos.

  6. Know how we support the community. The founder of ORIENTED feels strongly about using our platform to give back to the community.

STEP 3: Submit an Application Form
  1. Application Form A - For those applying for organizer positions to join an existing team (see What's New).

  2. Application Form B - For those who want to start events in a new location, or want to re-launch in cities where we haven't been active.

  3. Application Form C - For those who want to join as a Crew Member.

  4. Application Form D - For freelance photographer applicants.

STEP 4: Fill out the paperwork

If you pass probation, submit the following items within 7 days of notification.

  1. Volunteer Organizer Agreement

    Please read the Agreement, sign page 3, return it to HQ, and allow 7-10 days for processing. You will receive instructions on how to get started.

    Only with the signed copy can we begin to setup all your accounts and provide access to our systems. Your Head Organizer should have a copy of the Agreement. If not, please contact the Program Director.

  2. Detailed Bio (Optional)

    All organizer names are included in our Organizer Directory.

    A special newsletter will be published to our mailing lists, announcing that you are an official organizer. We will use the description and photo that you posted on your member profile (see Step 1).

    You may submit an extended version, if interested:

    See examples: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G

    Include your place of birth, ethnic background, languages spoken, where you grew up and went to school, your professional experience, countries/places visited, your hobbies, interests, community service work, how you first learned about ORIENTED, why you want to get involved, and how it ties in with your career/business goals. A twist of light humor is welcome.

  3. Designated Representative
    (for Co-Head Organizers only)

    Determine who will serve as the main contact person with headquarters. Each team designates one person in this role.

STEP 5: For new teams ONLY

If you are starting up in a new location, or are a new team in a city where we already have Happy Hours, please click here to get started.