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 Member  Company  Location  Hometown  Joined
John Barto 3M Shanghai Milwaukee 22 Feb 09
Katrina Chang 3M Taipei Taipei 28 Jun 11
Brenda Chen 3M Taipei Taipei 01 May 03
Daisy Cheng 3M Taipei Taipei 23 Aug 11
Ya-Hui Fan 3M Taiwan Ltd. Taipei Taipei 27 Oct 10
Ching-Yen Kao 3M Taipei Taipei 25 Jul 12
Leon Li 3M Taipei Taipei 03 Aug 12
Leon Li 3M Taipei Taipei 03 Aug 12
Ann Lin 3M Taipei Taichung 27 Oct 10
Ernestine Liu 3M Taipei Sterling Heights 01 Oct 15
Jackio Pam 3M Unknown Yangzhou 03 Apr 03
Stefan Schultze Has Photo! 3M Taipei Magdeburg 19 Feb 10
Adam Sobieski 3M Shanghai St. Paul 15 Jun 12
David Tung 3M Asia Pacific Singapore Phoenix 09 Aug 07
Wendy Wang 3M Australia Sydney Shanghai 23 Jan 08
Angela Wei Has Photo! 3M Taipei Taipei 24 Jul 13
Sean Wong 3M Taipei Taipei 31 Aug 06
Carrie Yin 3M Company LTD. Shanghai Shanghai 23 Apr 04
Chris Zhao 3M Shanghai Shanghai 25 Aug 04

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