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 Member  Company  Location  Hometown  Joined
Meg Chen Alpha Beta GTA Taipei Taipei 06 Oct 15
Jonathan Jenkins BOOM Events Taipei Outer Banks 05 Oct 15
Nick Cheh Far East Bio-tec. Co., Ltd. Taipei Kaohsiung 04 Oct 15
Ian Wang SearchAisa Taipei Taipei 03 Oct 15
Ernestine Liu 3M Taipei Sterling Heights 01 Oct 15
Jessica Chang Taste For Life Consulting Taipei Vancouver 01 Oct 15
Bryan Huang Has Photo! Capital Safety Taipei Taipei 24 Sep 15
Ying Liu Has Photo! TRW Shanghai Chengdu 20 Sep 15
Elise Hu Has Photo! NPR Seoul Washington DC 01 Aug 15
Titasa Das Has Photo! Simplifound Solutions Bangalore Bangalore 30 Jul 15
Wei Meng Huang JS Cresvale Securities Central Taipei 14 Jul 15
Alice Lei Infotrade Media Co., Ltd. Taichung Los Angeles 05 Jul 15
Rearea Hung CSC Kaohsiung Kaohsiung 28 Jun 15
Alice Bidel Intero Real Estate Services Saratoga Beijing 25 Jun 15
Sofiane Bennacer E&O Medical Group Taipei Taipei 23 Jun 15
Liz Tsai Next Media Animation Taipei Taipei 22 Jun 15
Elizabeth Nguyen Rodan+Fields Portland Portland 18 Jun 15
Erica Hitomi Pike The Executive Centre Hong Kong Hong Kong 15 Jun 15
Ruze Richards RedJack, LLC Weehawken Montclair 09 Jun 15
Alex Ka Lung LAU AIA International Limited Hong Kong Hong Kong 01 Jun 15

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