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 Member  Company  Location  Hometown  Joined
Jenni Zhou Shconnector Shanghai Shanghai 20 Sep 16
Karen Whitaker IFS Hong Kong United Kingdom Great Missenden 11 Sep 16
Terence Wong One Consolidated Ltd Hong Kong Hong Kong 08 Sep 16
Rowena Gonzales Liquid Interiors Kowloon Montreal 19 Aug 16
Ella Wong Apple Cupertino Alameda 30 Jul 16
Viola Kuo Spring Professional Taipei Taipei 14 Jul 16
Elisabeth Wong Genesys SINGAPORE SINGAPORE 07 Jun 16
Kubilay Isik IBP New York Amsterdam 21 May 16
Chul Kim IBM Sydney Seoul 19 May 16
Calvin Lee IL&FS Hong Kong Hong Kong 19 May 16
Just Chin MESV Singapore Singapore 09 May 16
Evgeny Sedov Osh-Group Shanghai Shanghai 08 May 16
Yock Koo Vee Enterprise Singapore Singapore 12 Apr 16
Bonnie Wong Merrill Hong Kong HK 11 Apr 16
Gareth Dowse Pemberton Stewart Hong Kong York 11 Mar 16
Saman Geffert Stanton Chase International Hong Kong Ratzeburg 28 Feb 16
Daniel Howard Saxoncourt Group Taipei Toronto 22 Feb 16
Antoine Martin Chinese University Of Hong Kong Hong Kong Paris 21 Feb 16
Phoebe Ho Intralinks Hong Kong Hong Kong 15 Feb 16
Lester Boey Incubate Productions Singapore Singapore 04 Feb 16

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