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 Member  Company  Location  Hometown  Joined
Angel HO Cola Taipei Taipei 29 Oct 14
Jason Huang Foxconn Taipei Keelung 29 Oct 14
ShuYu Lin Capital International Taipei Taipei 29 Oct 14
Yen Han Lai Medigen Biotechnology Taipei Taipei 29 Oct 14
KuoYeh Shen Urfuture Taipei Taipei 29 Oct 14
Zih Rong Huang DBS (Taiwan) Bank Taipei Keelung 29 Oct 14
Hong Yin Pinth Vintage Luggage Taipei Taipei 28 Oct 14
Jii-Rong Tseng St. John University Of Technology Taipei Taipei 27 Oct 14
Allen Tsai Has Photo! OSRAM Taiwan Taipei Taipei 26 Oct 14
Kwun Lin Liu Has Photo! S&P 500 Taipei Taipei 24 Oct 14
Nina Chien ASUS Taipei Taipei 19 Oct 14
YuHua Chan TPV Taipei Taichung 18 Oct 14
Queenie Chang ASUS Taipei Taichung 18 Oct 14
Carol Lee Phillip Securities (HK) Ltd. Hong Kong Hong Kong 16 Oct 14
Reina Kaneniwa Web Service Company Tokyo Kanagawa 12 Oct 14
Candy mei fen Xie New York Life San Francisco Canton 09 Oct 14
Prashant D. Cocus Financial Group Company Ltd. Kowloon Ahemdabad 09 Oct 14
Lidong Huang Taobao Beijing Sichuan 06 Oct 14
Emily Clarendon Egg Strategy Boulder Denver 05 Oct 14
Tianchen Zhou MassiveImpat Taipei Xuzhou 25 Sep 14

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