Adam Kleinberg
Former Organizer, San Francisco

Adam is born and bred from the State of New Jersey and specifically from the same region as Tony Soprano. After meeting his future wife, Adam moved to San Francisco in 1991. Adam has a BA in Political Science from Indiana University where he also studied Japanese and competed in the US Campus Comedy Competition (1988).

Adam has been in banking and IT his entire professional life, starting in Chase Manhattan bank in New York as a Global Custody account officer then onto San Francisco and Bank of America's Systems Engineering division. After five years at Bank of America, it was time to enjoy the Silicon Valley boom as a sales consultant at Siebel Systems. Now (post bubble burst) Adam is back at Bank of America's platform management group as a Project Manager.

It is through his wife and in-laws that Adam has struggled to learn Cantonese. He travels to Asia for vacations and endeavors to utilize his newfound Chinese skills there.