Juliet Zhu
Co-Head Organizer, Singapore

Originally from Changchun, China, Juliet completed her Bachelor's degree at Beijing Foreign Studies University where she established the Travel Photography Club on campus while working part-time as a tour guide in Beijing. She also worked at CNN's Beijing Bureau doing research and production for business programs.

Julie won a full Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the European commission for her Master's Degree and studied global journalism and communication at three European universities - in Denmark, Netherlands and the UK. In between, from Northern Light in Sweden on New Year's Eve, to learning flamenco dances in Andalucia, Spain, she was fascinated with the different cultures and enjoyed travelling all across Europe.

From her studies, Juliet found her passion - helping the world to better understand the massive changes and developments in Asia, especially China. She started by joining ABI EUROPE in London where for two years she played a valuable role in advising clients on strategies to execute public relations programs in Asia.

In 2010, she moved to Singapore and currently manages global and Asia-Pacific accounts at ABI ASIA, providing strategic consultation to multinational corporations across various industries such as packaging, industrial manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Juliet Zhu is a native Mandarin speaker and fluent in English. Her passion for language and cross-cultural communication has also brought Spanish language and Latin American cultures into her life. She speaks a little "Spangese", if you will, though she still struggles between Spanish and Portuguese. Good enough!

Be sure to bring up travelling, photography, language and culture when you meet Juliet at the ORIENTED Happy Hours in Singapore. She loves to exchange interesting stories about travel!

Joined: January 2011