Lisa Pak
Former Co-Head Organizer, Shanghai

Early on in life, Lisa always knew she would travel the world, so when the opportu-
nity came to apply for a flight attendant position at United Airlines, naturally she put on the best suit a 21-year-old can afford and sashayed her way in front of 250 people to explain why she should be hired.

On the flight back to San Francisco after her final interview with United, a gentleman albeit total stranger in First Class encouraged her to take a different career path and offered her a marketing position with his firm in Hong Kong. Excited at the prospect of living abroad, Lisa took the plunge and moved to Hong Kong after graduating from California State University of Hayward, putting aside her aspirations of an international career in the air to pursue
an international career in Asia, instead.

Lisa's first job was with Madge Networks, a U.K.-based technology firm, where she helped develop their advertising plan and organized their first regional reseller conference in Thailand. But after several failed attempts of getting exci-
ted over token rings and the Ethernet (yawn), Lisa left the company to pursue her passion in the advertising industry.

Lisa soon landed a position with her dream company, Leo Burnett, a leading advertising agency, but after four years working on Disney and Phillip Morris with moody creatives (an unhealthy combination), she opted for a cushier job on the client side and moved back to the Bay Area where she thought those cushy jobs existed.

In San Francisco, Lisa took a position as the advertising manager for the corporate marketing division at Sybase, a software company, where she launched their first world-
wide advertising campaign to reposition the Sybase brand. Although she did finally accept the fact that cushy jobs just do not exist, Lisa found her time in the technology industry an enriching experience.

In late 2001, Lisa took time off to do more traveling. After several shopping trips and a depleted bank account, Lisa decided to move to Shanghai where the cost of living was relatively lower. While studying Mandarin at Jiao Tong University, she was introduced to the ORIENTED network and has faithfully attended every ORIENTED Happy Hour
in Shanghai since it first launched in February 2002 (see photos of both Lisa and Cindy Tsai, also a Happy Hour Organizer in Shanghai!).

Lisa currently works for Ten Events Asia in Shanghai, an events company that organizes and promotes sports events such as Polo Open, Heineken Open, and Tennis Masters Cup.