Robert Wu
Former Organizer, Hong Kong

Born and raised in New York, Robert spent his formative years in New York's Chinatown (where he developed his fear of mahjong) and later received Catholic schooling in Queens (where he developed his fear of nuns).

Robert received his B.S. at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey and his MBA from the University of New Haven. His first job out of school was with Chesebrough-Ponds Inc. in Greenwich, Connecticut, where he worked as an Industrial Engineer and Product Brand Manager.

Five years later, Robert was bored of the industry and his position and wanted to do something different. How about being an international Tour Director, he thought, and use the opportunity to travel around the world for awhile?

Robert did just that and was to spend the next four years traveling throughout the U.S., Europe, Scandinavia, Soviet Union, China, and Southeast Asia, and in first class, no less! This experience lead him to a three-year partnership with the Chinasmith Travel Agency (specializing in Tours to China) until the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989 brought the region's tourism industry to a screeching halt.

Once again, Robert found himself re-evaluating his career path when he took a job with Pepsico/Taco Bell as their Regional Training Manager one year later. At that time, Pepsi was looking for "entrepreneurial" types from other industries (eg. travel) to spearhead their 10,000 stores in 2000 plan, and that position was to eventually lead him to the Starbucks Coffee Company where he has been since.

Robert has held a variety of positions with Starbucks, helping to expand the company's significant presence throughout Asia. Currently, he is Regional Operations Manager for Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia) and continues to travel frequently for his job. He is happily married with two children and currently resides with his family in Hong Kong.