Shiyun Lim
Co-Head Organizer, Singapore

Fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese, Shiyun was born, raised, and educated in Singapore and is proud of the beautiful city that is a melting pot of international people living and working together.

Shiyun majored in Economics and Statistics and began her career working with DaimlerChrysler, maker of Mercedez Benz, as a Strategy and Business Development Executive before moving on to SingTel as a Marketing and Business Development Manager. She is currently a Financial Consultant at American International Assurance, the largest life insurer in Asia.

Traveling, social work and photography are her passions. Shiyun is building a network of book donors for children in Asia and strongly believes that education is a way to tackle the rising problem of human trafficking in Asia. Business networking has always been in her blood, as she sees the importance in being effectively connected in an increasingly impersonal virtual world.

Having organized countless corporate and personal events, Shiyun is delighted to have the chance to contribute to ORIENTED!

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Joined: December 2011