Sue C. Tsai
Co-Head Organizer, San Francisco

Born in Taipei, Sue entered elementary school at the age of seven instead of six, due to a mix-up, and was therefore always the oldest one in class. Being the oldest with a warm personality, people always confided in her with all kinds of personal problems, so it was natural that she eventually developed an interest in human psychology.

Sue immigrated to the United States with her family in 1991. Since most people in the Bay Area either spoke English or Cantonese then, Sue, being the native Mandarin speaker, was forced to learn both at an accelerated rate after accepting a position as a travel agent in the bustling, dynamic, downtown San Francisco.

In the mid-90's, while studying to be a psychologist, a friend and Realtor urged Sue to earn her own real estate license. She never considered herself to be salesperson material, but as it were, sales was to become a long-term career. Sue's listening and problem-solving skills have helped her to gain the trust from many, in spite of her young age. She sold 6 million dollars of inventory her first year and has since then helped hundreds of people buy and sell properties in the Bay Area.

While real estate has become a successful career for her, Sue is constantly searching for something more meaningful to do. She believes that life is really about building relationships and making a difference in people's lives no matter how small or trivial the act may seem.

In 2002, Sue joined the San Francisco Women Against Rape as a volunteer hotline counselor and medical advocate. She is now a peer counselor and provides 10-week long counseling sessions to victims of sexual assault. Sue derives tremendous satisfaction from seeing them slowly start to recover emotionally, gain their control back, and become more empowered at the end of the prorgram.

An entrepreneur at heart, Sue saw something very special in ORIENTED the very first time she attended a happy hour in Palo Alto. She loves the idea of creating an international space for various people to meet, to exchange cultures, and to promote their businesses while having great fun chatting and drinking. She believes that the best business models are those that can identify with people's needs and make it easy for people to get them. There is definitely a need for a space like ORIENTED, and Sue is very excited to be a part of it.

During her free time, Sue likes to just chill, hang out with friends, and play poker. While most people think that it's too late to learn a musical instrument as an adult, Sue believes it's better late than never. She has always wanted to learn how to play the piano since she was little and finally started taking lessons in 2003. These days, playing the piano is one of the things she enjoys doing most, when she has time.